Typical Issues Worked through Nondual Therapy

  1. Spiritual bypass- Healing our emotional pain, wounds, and psychological splits.
  2. Reclaiming our energy, letting it flow.
  3. Accepting the narcissism, hopelessness and failurehood of our separate self.
  4. Awakening in the mind, heart, and guts.
  5. Working through relationship issues, letting go being saved by the other.
  6. Working through grey rituals of addiction, positive thinking, escaping nothingness.
  7. Healing dark emotions such as fear, trauma, exhaustion, abandonment, inadequacy.
  8. From sexual preoccupation to cosmic orgasm.
  9. Accepting no technique works, no escape, and no remedy.
  10. Finding the light within the darkness, the midnight sun.
  11. Embracing risk taking, cosmic wildness, the art of dying.
  12. Bringing awakening into day to day life, career, relationships.

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News and Events

Monthly 2015 Saturday Non-dual groups with Gary, $50, 10am to 5pm, at 321 6St. S., Lethbridge. E-mail Gary at garytzu@uleth.ca for more info.

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Non-Dual Pointers

  1. Nowhere to go
    There is nothing to be realized, nowhere to go, and nothing needs to be done. This moment is it. This moment is eternity.
  2. Desire for awakening
    The desire for awakening is still a desire. It means something is wanted as an object in the future. One needs to see that a person could be desiring awakening forever, and nothing would ever be good enough, and let go of the desire for enlightenment. Embrace this moment.
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Awakening in the Paradox of Darkness
by Gary Tzu PhD (Author)


Beyond Addiction to Awakening
by Gary Tzu PhD (Author)



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