Non-Dual Pointers

Non-Dual Pointers
  1. Nowhere to go
    There is nothing to be realized, nowhere to go, and nothing needs to be done. This moment is it. This moment is eternity.
  2. Desire for awakening
    The desire for awakening is still a desire. It means something is wanted as an object in the future. One needs to see that a person could be desiring awakening forever, and nothing would ever be good enough, and let go of the desire for enlightenment. Embrace this moment.
  3. The wisdom of non-attainment.
    It is seen there is no better place to get to than here. Desiring attainment will keep a person striving into the future, always in anguish and misery. See that this will keep you in misery forever. In this moment, all there is, is this. There is no concept of awakening, one can just relax into this. Ah this!

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